Anna Ireland British Education Mother

Anna & Natalie

Our daughter joined Bundang House almost 3 years ago at 18 months. I remember the warm feeling I got when taking a tour and how much it reminded me of nurseries back in the UK. We were greeted by such friendly and caring teachers and staff members, students’ classrooms were decorated with their artwork and all rooms were bright and positive. This, coupled with the BEK’s inquiry-based approach and the fact that Bundang House follows the British Curriculum, made it the perfect choice for our family.

I must say our daughter has developed immensely over the past 3 years both academically and socially, much owing to the love and care of her teachers at Bundang House. Through their guidance, support and well-designed activities we have watched her become a confident young lady; and the important social skills she developed have undoubtedly equipped her to progress well through schooling life.

It’s the extra care that's provided that makes it a special place. Such as when you arrive to collect your child, her teachers make time to tell you the little details about your little one’s day. My daughter absolutely loves going and I do hope she keeps up her enthusiasm when we move back to the UK!

Anna Ireland, Bundang House Parent

Micheal & Charlotte

Our twin six year olds, Michael and Charlotte have been attending The British Pre-Prep Dongtan House since we moved to Korea from the United States six months ago. We chose the school due to the extremely high quality of educators and the individualized instruction that is geared to each child's educational needs. We were also impressed with the variety of special classes including music and mandarin that we believe are part of a well rounded education.

The British Pre-Prep Dongtan House was definitely the right choice for our family. Their approach using inquiry based learning keeps them eager to learn and has helped them develop a great relationship with their teachers and the other students. Each day our kids leave home excited to be going to school.

The level of communication is outstanding. The teachers and staff are always eager to talk to us, and we receive letters home at least once a week as well as web based photos and text messages that keep us well informed. We are confident our children are building a solid foundation for their future and are developing a love for education. We couldn't be happier with our Dongtan House experience!

Nathan & Kari, Dongtan House Parents
Charlotte and Michael Dongtan House

Chloe Dongtan House


Year 2 Student, Dongtan House

Chloe Dongtan House