Our Blogs

Our Blog site is dedicated to communicating with existing parents only and is designed to be a place where we blog about what’s happening inside and outside the classrooms.

Our student’s days are busy! They learn, they think, they create, they collaborate, they sing, run, jump and they make. Technology provides us with the tools to make real links between home and the classroom and our Blog is the perfect forum to connect together. Parents join us in working with their children’s teachers to support their learning journey.

Each class has a Blog site as does the Headteacher and principals. The blogs are updated regularly on upcoming events and community happenings. Class teachers use their Blogs to inform parents of home tasks, field trips, in-class learning and use it to communicate messages to their parents.

Parents are always welcome to meet with class teachers or the Headteacher and the principals to discuss matters of concern.

British Education Korea Blogs

The British Prep is now using Class Dojo as a unified platform to share information with parents and the students' learning. All current parents should have received a personal login. If you do not have one, please email your child's class teacher so they can send you one.

We are registered as a (“Hagwon”) to support and prepare students for the next stage of their education.

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