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We believe that educational organisations are only as good as their people and see excellent teachers as our most valuable asset. To this end we strive to appoint teachers of the very highest quality. The selection process at British Education Korea is challenging and rigorous.

Our carefully planned induction at the beginning of each year ensures that every new member of staff is made to feel welcome from the moment they arrive. As well as induction we invest heavily in supporting staff including ongoing professional development and have developed a strong culture of peer observation and coaching.

Our contextual inquiry based approach to the National Curriculum in England(ensures that learning experiences remain fresh and meaningful. This requires the most outstanding teaching minds as well as excellent relationships with students. Our emphasis at British Education Korea on authentic learning ensures that students really come alive during lessons.

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Seeking Bilingual Teacher at British Pre-Prep Bundang

20 Apr 2021
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Purpose of the job:

The Bilingual Reception homeroom teacher will need to work with the current Reception team in developing engaging lessons following the EYFS as well as to carry out any other duties related to teaching and learning as reasonably assigned by the Headteacher. The Bilingual Teacher is an aspiring lead Teacher.

Applicable Contract Terms & Duties

This job description is to be performed in accordance with BEK Pay and Conditions document.



Responsible to the Headteacher for his/her teaching duties and responsibilities and for teaching tasks.

Accountable to the Lead Teacher on a day-to-day basis.

Supports referral of students to EAL specialist for additional support.

The postholder interacts on a professional level with colleagues and seeks to establish and maintain productive relationships with them in order to promote mutual understanding of the school curriculum with the aim of improving the quality of teaching and learning in the school, with particular reference to the designated age group.


  • to support high quality teaching and learning for all students, according to their educational needs, in line with the school’s vision and mission;
  • to undertake a full schedule of teaching according to the timetable;
  • to control and oversee the safe use and storage of resources provided for class usage and to supervise the work of other teachers relevant to the allocated class;
  • to maintain positive relationships with students and ensure discipline in line with the school’s behaviour management policy;
  • to contribute to meetings, discussions and management systems necessary to ensure the smooth running of the school as a whole;
  • to support good student progress from starting points in all aspects of the taught curriculum within the school’s assessment policies;
  • to ensure the development of students’ English and ICT skills through active demonstration of such skills as part of the formal teaching day;
  • to provide a positive role model and support the peer observation and feedback process in the school;
  • to ensure accurate marking of attendance;
  • to take a lead role in Summer Camp (three weeks) and Winter Camp (one week).

Classroom Environment

  • Supports the creation of a positive and stimulating academic and social environment in line with the school’s display and environment policies.
  • Supports the Lead teacher in ensuring that students’ work is a focal point for displays within and beyond the classroom.

Planning and Organisation

  • Supports the production of medium term planning in line with the overall curriculum plan.
  • Selects and reviews as necessary personal teaching strategies and programmes of study in line with the school’s curriculum and its objectives.
  • Keeps a full record of all lessons in such a form that they can easily be understood by the Headteacher and Directors.
  • Ensures up-to-date ongoing assessment data is available for the purpose of tracking student progress.

Professional Commitment

  • Takes part in regular departmental or team meetings to discuss programmes of study, teaching methods, assessment, equipment and materials
  • Carries out teaching-related tasks as requested by senior managers
  • Participates in year-level or subject/theme-based field trips that are relevant and add meaning to current learning foci
  • Supports the development of fellow staff in a professional and collegial manner in order to further develop high quality teaching and learning that focuses on children

Curriculum Development

  • Contributes to the development of educational programmes in particular the extension of gifted and talented pupils or those with special learning needs
  • Supports the preparation of teaching resources in response to changes in the curriculum and/or its assessment
  • Helps set classroom tasks that endeavor to develop child centered teaching and learning in all subjects.

Professional Development

  • Contributes to and participates in formal performance review and appraisal
  • Takes part in professional development activities as and when requested by the Head Teacher
  • Takes part in self-evaluation, and target setting as an integral part of own professional development
  • Maintains up-to-date knowledge of current pedagogy in early childhood education
  • Attends conferences and subject workshops as directed by the school in furtherance of the school’s curriculum programme and your own professional development
  • Shares and disseminates all information and planning with colleagues after attending such conferences

Documenting student progress

  • Support and prepare lessons and assessment to extend and challenge pupils at appropriate levels
  • Consults with parents regarding children’s progress, attending parent-teacher conferences as and when requested
  • Maintains student portfolios that contain annotated learning stories or narrative assessments, dated art work, class Blogs that celebrate group and individual learning and development
  • Disseminates regular student progress Reports according to the dates stated in the school calendar

Reporting to Parents

  • Supports the reporting to parents verbally on student progress on an ongoing basis and at specific points in the year on a formal basis, in line with the school's reporting procedures.
  • Supports the Lead teacher in writing student reports.

Pastoral Care

  • Forms part of a caring community which provides the necessary pastoral care and support for all students.
  • Acts as a role model for students by upholding positive guidance in the academic work environment
  • Regularly messages parents through Communication Books, email or phone calls.
  • Reports to parents any relevant concerns and often communicate positive messages to parents ensuring positive relationships are built with parents.

Positive Guidance

  • Ensures the safety of assigned classes and groups at all times of the day and in all situations. In this informal sense staff are always on duty, and are expected to take the initiative and keep or restore order whenever and wherever this is needed
  • Endeavors to provide motivation to pupils to reduce the likelihood of disciplinary problems

Supervisory Duties

  • Undertakes school duties as defined by the Headteacher attending punctually and actively fulfilling the assigned role
  • Disseminate Student Progress Reports as appropriate
  • Place orders as necessary with immediate line manager within the year group budget for resources needed to support the emergent curriculum

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Monitors student attendance at school and class and reports significant patterns to the Headteacher
  • Plays a full part in ensuring that families and pupils pay attention to official communications from the school
  • Ensure that pupils wear the correct school uniform


  • Helps to fulfil the school’s aims as expressed in its Mission Statement and Philosophy and Objectives
  • Positively supports all aspects of school policy as laid down by the school
  • Participates in weekly staff meetings as and when requested
  • Ensures any relevant information is also passed on to class teachers, or the Headteacher

Personal Conduct

  • Provides a good personal example to pupils in terms of attitudes, dress, comportment, manners and punctuality
  • Helps create a united and effective professional team by exhibiting qualities of loyalty, tact, confidentiality, reliability, enthusiasm, efficiency and hard work
  • Promotes respect for others.

Working Hours

  • The work of a full-time teacher cannot be confined to a rigid timetable or quantified by the number of hours worked. In addition to their formal timetable, the teacher will spend whatever hours are necessary to fulfill their professional obligations and make a valid and worthwhile contribution to the total life of the school.
  • In general, full-time teachers should expect to have a timetabled commitment in the region of 20-25 hours per week. In addition, they may be asked to cover for absent colleagues provided that the teaching is during the working hours.
  • The normal working day runs from 8.30 a.m. - 4.45 pm with Enrichment Classes from 3.10-3.50pm. All full-time members of staff should be available on campus throughout the working day unless they have been given specific permission by the Headteacher and are engaged in some official activity.
  • Full-time members of staff are expected to support special school events.
  • Full-time teachers will be expected to be available for meetings and consultations for up to one week before the beginning of the academic year. They will also be expected to complete any necessary school business after the end of each term.
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