The British Lodge (Namsan House)

Principal's Message

Toni Wright
Principal, The British Lodge, Namsan House

We believe in educating the whole child and utilise play based and enquiry based learning and teaching strategies. Our way of educating your child encourages questioning, searching for answers, exploring, using their imagination, and feeds their curiosity. It provides them with a quality education, improves their self-confidence, and makes them independent learners, whilst completely immersed in an English speaking environment.  

Ultimately, at British Lodge, we aim to give every child the best start to their education. The Early Years are crucial to a child’s first years at school, and through our qualified and dedicated staff, we ensure our children get off to a flying start. All classes have two homeroom teachers to support pastoral care and learning.

We are very proud of our school and we look forward to welcoming your child to our school each day.

We are registered as a (“Hagwon”) to support and prepare students for the next stage of their education.

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