The British Prep (Gangnam House)

Headteacher's Message

Jennifer Mills
Headteacher, The British Prep

The British Prep, is the dedicated primary campus for the BEK group of schools. It is fully accredited with Cambridge University and like all BEK schools follows the British National Curriculum for England.

Enrolling students from age 5 through to age 11 (Reception to Year 6), Prep’s campus is dynamic, fast paced and fuelled by energetic enquiring young minds. All Prep students enthusiastically engage in a vast array of subjects through enrichment activities, theatrical performances, music and sports events. Technology is integrated across all subjects as is our Character Education programme. Highly qualified and experienced teachers lead our students in the enquiry process which is designed to see students explore learning in a meaningful manner.

Bilingual teachers support the lead Western teacher with pastoral care and learning in the younger years classes, ensuring the home language and English are immersed seamlessly. Every child is seen as an individual and we support our students to ensure academic success.

Prep students are happy, challenged and confident. Prep actively prepares students for the challenges that lie ahead, preparing them so they have the competencies required to succeed in life. Campus tours are welcome and if you are interested in our programme please do come and visit us. We hope to see you soon!

We are registered as a (“Hagwon”) to support and prepare students for the next stage of their education.

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