The British Prep (Gangnam House)

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서울시 강남구 역삼로 244

244 Yeoksam-ro,

Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea 06226





Headteacher's Message

Jennifer Mills
Headteacher, The British Prep

The British Prep, Gangnam is the flagship campus for the BEK group of schools. This campus enrols students from Reception (age 5) through to Year 9 (age 14). The campus is dynamic, fast paced and fuelled by energetic enquiring young minds. All Prep students enthusiastically engage in a vast array or curriculum based subjects, enrichment activities, performances and sports. Our programme includes an outstanding Music Academy, fencing, a Character Education Programme and integrated technologies across all subjects.

Prep classes are filled with students, young and old, who embrace the concept of globalisation and actively drive activities that focus on global issues. Class based enquiries see our students exploring Seoul and learning in a natural way from the built and natural environment. Yearly residential programmes see our students from Year 3 and up facing challenges in nature and allow our students the opportunity to reflect on their own personal journey. Up to Year 4, each class has two homeroom teachers to support pastoral care and learning.

Students equally are encouraged to take control of their own learning. They reflect on their own class learning and teachers act as coaches, giving advise on how each individual student can improve. Each child is seen very much as an individual and we look to support each Prep student, whatever their needs.

The British National Curriculum forms a solid basis for our students to make good academic progression based on data driven analysis of student performance. Led by highly qualified educationalists, our students are happy, challenged and confident. They see Prep as a place that is actively preparing them to face whatever challenges lie ahead of them, knowing they have the skill-set needed to succeed in life.

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