Message from our Director

Nigel Venning
Director, British Education Korea

There is no doubt that this 21st century has encouraged a change in educational thinking which embraces the mass of research demonstrating clearly that children need something very different from their education in preparation for the fast paced global world we live in today.


Increasingly we at British Education Korea are responding to those needs with more natural, flexible and creative learning spaces, nurturing skills rather than knowledge and inspiring students to inquire and adapt their learning to new situations. With this new dawn comes the need for students to develop exemplary communication skills and high levels of confidence to adapt and embrace an ever-evolving world.


We are very proud of the way in which each of our sites provide their own unique style of holistic inquiry-based education. High quality teachers are key to this process and we are proud of the staff we recruit and our high levels of retention. We invest considerable time and energy in celebrating every child’s academic talents and achievements as well as constantly expanding their learning experiences to ensure excellent progress in the arts, sport, music and above all, critical thinking. 


We are delighted to bring the Cambridge IGCSE program to Seoul for the 2019/20 academic year and extend our educational offering into the Secondary School setting. A new site, specifically designed for older student’s needs and an experienced team, provide the perfect environment for this crucial stage in their education. This dedicated Secondary School site will further deliver the International A Level in due course, known globally as the Gold Standard in High School education, and accepted by the best Universities worldwide. This addition to our group reinforces our dedication to academic and pastoral excellence through the British education system, now for children from 18 months through to 18 years. 


Just as we invite our current parents in to share their children’s learning and engage and interact with each unique learning community, I am inviting you to begin that journey by exploring our website, designed to help you capture the essence of British Education Korea. Welcome to the wonderful world of international learning.

We are registered as a (“Hagwon”) to support and prepare students for the next stage of their education.

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